Dana Sink – Animator


Dana Sink was born Harrisburg, PA. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, with a focus on painting. It was towards the end of his college education when he discovered his fondness for film, video, and telling stories. In 1999 he did not have access to any actors or equipment, so he decided to make a short video on a VHS camcorder which starred about six puppets he had stitched and painted. A couple months later that short film was aired on MTV as a PSA on AIDS awareness. 

After September 11th 2001, Dana left Savannah because he decided that he wanted to be closer to family and explore opportunities in the northeast. Dana Sink currently lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, two cats, two ducks, one dog, and a small school of fish. Over the past fifteen years Dana Sink has continued painting and making short films and animations. Dana draws inspiration from his daughter and endeavors to create a visual experience that she and people of all ages can relate to and enjoy. His paintings, films, and animations have been seen in galleries and museums internationally. His work has been featured in several group and independent exhibitions as well as various articles and publications, including a book on Savannah, Georgia.  He has also received awards for his paintings in various exhibitions.  His films have received recognition in several film festivals and his work has been seen on MTV and MSNBC.

Artist Statement:

I currently think about my art and animation as breaking into three main bodies of work. One series of work is the ball series where a ball represents a point in time in my life (Love Ball and Beyond the Ball). Another series is the flicker series where a series of animated scenes form a new revealed animated form or scene (Bicycle and Wind). The other body of work is the animated quirky stories about people (My Dog and Grandma). 

Spatial relations and human experiences are the main themes of my art. The human experience manifests allegorically and literally. Major underlying themes are: where did we come from? What brings us together? What does having a family mean? Creating art helps me gain a better understanding of what my position is on these questions, while understanding there are no correct answers, just experiences. 

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